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Ronin Brand Middleweight Karate uniform – in Black

Item# ronin-wk
Price: $40.00 [$37.00 + $3.00 for Black]
Shipping to this area is around $11 – $12

From the web site:

Every martial artist aspires to the day when crisp, heavyweight canvas arms them in tournament competition. For the intense training required to reach that level, a middleweight uniform is the logical choice. Light enough to enable free, nimble movement, yet durable enough to withstand the moderate abuse of training and sparring, Ronin’s medium weight traditional karate uniform is a welcome addition to any martial artists’ equipment. This 9.5 oz. 100% cotton uniform stays cool in a multitude of climates and conditions, while wicking sweat away from the athlete’s body.

Given Ronin’s impeccable track record for quality, this uniform is a tremendous value at just $37.00. That price doesn’t come at the expense of selection, offered in black or white, and a full range of sizes spanning 00 through 7. Sizes 3 and up come equipped with a stay-fit drawstring, enabling you to customize the fit to your preferred level of snugness. Smaller sizes, 00-2, come with a comfortable elastic waistband that generously accommodates the growth spurts of up-start martial arts youth.

Ronin considered every martial artist’s need for protection as well as movement, allowing ample room for shin, instep and forearm guards. At this affordable price, the medium weight uniform can be paired with a Ronin Brand belt accompanying your level of expertise or a pair of durable Ronin Pine Tree low-cut sneakers. Any level of martial artist can train confidently toward tournament status in this uniform knowing that Ronin is a name synonymous with strength and quality.

[ This gi is tough enough to withstand most Jujutsu & grappling conditions — I’ve never seen one rip or tear — but is not specifically reinforced for it — Dave ]