Senkotiros seminar at CODA, Sunday March 20th

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The Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) have been a part Kajukenbo from the beginning since several of the Founders were of Filipino descent.

Training with -and against- common weapons like clubs, knives and guns is required at “white belt” in Kajukenbo and in FMA. This is in contrast with many Traditional Martial Arts where “classical” weapons are frequently taught later in the program and sometimes separately from the “core curriculum.”

The club/knife/gun requirement is so combatants are not as surprised or scared if someone does pull a weapon; “The worst-case scenario” principle of Kajukenbo says to train for the possibility.

The corollary follows: If you are accustomed to training at full-speed and force against attacks from clubs and knives then a simple punch or kick is trivial to deal with by comparison.

Kajukenbo Self Defense focuses on weapons that you may have with you or are likely to encounter on the streets, so “classical” weapons such as the sai, kama, nunchaku are rarely trained.

Rattan sticks are used in the beginning of training to emulate knives and then training progresses to live blades like pocket knives and even machetes.

“If you can do it with a stick then you can do it with a knife; if you can do it with a knife then you can do it with an empty hand.”

Sometimes called “Kajukenbo Sticks”, training with sticks & knives is integral to nearly every branch of the Kajukenbo system. No matter if it is a single stick/knife, two sticks/knives or a stick and a knife, FMA teaches a lot of dynamic skills that transfer directly to empty-hand fighting.  This also develops attributes such as speed, timing, footwork and coordination under stress against an active, resisting opponent instead of one who is “pretending to resist” in a passive drill.

To that end, we at the CQB Kajukenbo Club are proud to announce that we are bringing in Kajukenbo Grand Master Dean Goldade [ ] to teach a FMA stick seminar at CODA on Sunday, March 20th.  This seminar is open to the public.

GM Dean was promoted to 9th degree black belt in Kajukenbo by the last living Founder of the Kajukenbo system in October 2015.

Two 28 inch rattan escrima sticks will be included at no additional cost while supplies last – a $30 value!

The specific FMA system is known as “Senkotiros Arnis”:

From the site: “Do you need five blocking techniques when one will suffice? Should you have thirty types of attacks when several are really all that’s needed? What about defending against all points on both sides of the body when only one side is sufficient?

Senkotiros Arnis basically reduces the art of stick fighting to its lowest common denominator. No frills, no wasted movement, no pre-arrangement, or sequential defense and attack maneuvers, and no complex footwork patterns that must coincide with the opponent’s divisive tactics.”

When: Sunday March 20th, 2016


First half         10:00 – 12:00 noon

Lunch           12 noon to 13:00 (1pm)

Second half      13:00 – 15:00 (1pm to 3pm)

Where: 11025 Gravois Industrial Ct, Sappington, MO 63128

You will turn at the blue USPS mailbox off of Old Gravios,
Turn left into “Gravios Industrial Plaza”
CODA is in the back of the “Gravios Industrial Plaza”

Price: $50 for all 4 hours and includes a pair of 28 inch rattan escrima sticks (while supplies last!)

The fee is due at the door or you may contact Dave if you wish to pay in advance.

This is a beginner-friendly seminar.  All Ranks and Styles are welcome!

Check back here for more information and updates.