Fighter gives opponent free shot, gets knocked out (Oct 2012)

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Brother Steve found this.  It demonstrates Kajukenbo Rule #1: Don’t block with your face.

Origin: Fighter gives opponent free shot, gets knocked out
By Larry Brown October 30, 2012

“Sometimes in combat sports, justice is served.  That’s what happened with the bald dude in the video above.

This video is short on details, but long on awesomeness, and we can obviously describe what we see.  The larger dude got caught with a few punches, but didn’t want to concede anything to his opponent.  His solution was to say, “Hey, that was nothing.  That’s all you got?”  So he opened up his hands and gave his opponent several more free shots as if to say, “You can’t hurt me.”

Sure enough, right after pounding his head in a display of toughness, bald dude got dropped by a left hook to the face.  Fat boy goes to sleep.  Pure awesomeness.”