Watch Kajukenbo GM Eric Lee in “Weapons of Death”

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The Weapons of Death 90 min  -  Action | Drama  -  24 July 1981 (USA)
Starring the “King of Kata” – Kajukenbo GM Eric Lee


Weapons of Death (1981) [NR]

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Starring: Eric Lee, Bob Ramos
Runtime: 1 hour 26 minutes

In San Francisco’s Chinatown, a band of thugs kidnaps a girl for a large Chinese gang. Her half-brother gathers a team of expert fighters to get her back.

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From his bio on the Kajukenbo Cafe: Born in Canton, China, Master Eric Lee began his Martial Arts training under Chung Ball and later with Master Al Dacascos.

Nicknamed “The King of Kata” he went on to excel in the field of Martial Arts and is accredited with winning more national and international awards than any other Martial Artist in the United States.

Of Eric Lee, Black Belt Magazine is quoted as saying “Without a doubt, the most influential forms performer of his time … “The Original Martial Arts Encyclopedia states, “Before the advent of form ratings, Lee was unofficially the number one form champion in the U.S.”
He has been featured on the cover of just about every major Martial Arts magazine throughout the world.
After retiring from the competitive scene, Master Lee continues to distinguish himself in the field of Martial Arts instruction and the entertainment industry.

Perhaps Eric Lee’s best-known movie is “Big Trouble in Little China.” He has also had major roles in: Blood Sport II., Ninja Busters, Weapons of Death, Fist of Iron, The Shinobi, and The Game. Over the past twenty some-odd years his cinematic career has taken many other exciting turns. He has either starred, co-starred, or been featured in many other major motion pictures and television series. Some on the most memorable include: Ring Of Fire I & II, Death Match, Rambo, Misfit Patrol, License To Kill, Strong City, Smoke on the Water, Hanoi Hilton, Talon Of The Eagle, Steel Justice, Future Kick, Death Machine, Falcon Claw, Good Guys Wear Black, Shame Shame On The Bixie Boys, Uncommon Valor, Into The Night, “A” Team, General Hospital, Bob, Call To Glory, Airwolf, “V”, Tales of the Gold Monkey, Kung-fu Series, Fall Guy, L.A. Nightlife, For Love And Honor, Joe And The Colonel, Beauty And The Beast, Hollywood Beast, Creature Features, Me & Mom, Incredible Hulk, Bring ‘Em Back Alive, Hunter, Gavalan, Scarecrow & Mrs. King, Greatest American Hero, Gong Show, Rousters, Price Is Right, World Martial Arts Challenge, Just For Kicks Television, Evening Magazine, Kitt And Rene Show, This is Hollywood, A&E’s Martial Arts Special, and the Hollywood Reporter. He just completed work on Lethal Weapon IV and recently starred in The Master Demon.

Eric was promoted to 9th degree Grandmaster in July, 2004, by Sijo Emperado.