Uke needed for Rakkasans self-defense class

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Hi, Rakkasans!

I’m Looking for an Uke!

I need an uke/assistant instructor/”mugger” to assist me in a self-defense class for the 7th Graders at Immanuel Lutheran School, in St. Charles.

Class dates are February 20th, 24th, and 27th , from 9-11 am.

Individual should be able to take some judo falls, not be afraid of getting joint-locked, and be able to work with and help 12- and 13-year olds.

Sense of humor required!

I’ve been teaching this class for Immanuel Lutheran for about 16 years.  For most of those years, Sean Kiely (grandson of our much-missed Sensei Kiely) and/or my oldest son have helped me.  However, both are now gainfully employed, and not free for these classes.

It is not necessary to attend all three; if you can only help at one…that’s appreciated, too!  (The final class on the 27th is the one when you and
I will be taking falls from all the kids in the final exercise!  And if I don’t find an uke, I’ll be taking *ALL* the falls!)

Pay will be much gratitude, lots of smiles from the kids, and a bottle of water!  If you wish, afterwards I will write a letter of appreciation to your Sensei.

If interested and available, contact me at cfcoffin “at” mindspring -dot- com or at 3one4 9seven3 0six5six.


Chuck Coffin
6th Dan, Jujitsu
4th Dan, Judo
Member, Rakkasans Martial Arts Hall of Fame