Sudden Death (1977) movie with Kajukenbo fighters

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Sudden Death (1977)
84 min  –  Action | Drama  –  May 1977 (USA)

An action movie with 2 traditional Kajukenbo fighters, Robert Conrad (John Leoning student), and Don Stroud (Sijo Emperado black belt).

Robert Conrad is probably best known for his role on the TV show “The Wild Wild West” in the late 1960’s where he did most of his own stunts & fight scenes.  The series was ultimately canceled due to congressional pressures over the amount of violence.

“Sudden Death” is now *free* to watch here on Amazon Instant Video, if you have an Amazon Prime account.

The YouTube video below is a major spoiler: the final fight scene between Robert Conrad and Don Stroud.
Pretty cool piece of history.

Thanks to Professor John Bishop for finding the clip.