Seeking full-contact fighters for the 2013 World Kempo Championships and the US Kempo Team

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Seeking full-contact fighters for the 2013 World Kempo Championships and the US Kempo Team
Dear Martial Arts Friends,

This is an open invitation for martial artists int he USA and its Territories to become members of the United States Kempo Team, as well as for suppliers, businesses, and other interested parties to help sponsor the US Kempo Team on its journey to the World Kempo Championships in Antalya, Turkey April 22-28, 2013, and for the 2014 competition in Budapest, Hungary, April 21-27, 2014.

I am the Pan-American Director for Teams, and if anyone is interested in forming, or participating on an existing Kempo Team in North, Central, or South America, please contact me. I am on the Executive Board of the International Kempo Federation, which is the governing body for the World Kempo Championships ( )

We are seeking full-contact fighters to compete in several different full-contact fighting styles, in 10 different weight classes, both male and female in each of the fighting styles. Ages are for adults: 16-17, 18-35, 36 and over, juniors ages 10-11. 12-13. 14-15, male and female.

Please see the info below and go to the team website:

Please send your desire to participate as a fighter or a sponsor to:

If you are not in the USA or wish to participate as a member of your own countries team, please contact me and I can direct you to the proper country team leader.

It is that time of year again to begin planning to become a team member of the United States Kempo Team. The US Kempo Team is open to all martial artists interested in full-contact K-1 kickboxing, Mixed Kempo Kickboxing, Kempo MMA fighting, Submission grappling, Semi-contact, Weapons fighting, and Traditional Kempo divisions of Kata, Weapons kata, and Self-defense.

The World Kempo Championships will be held again in Antalya, Turkey, April 22-28, 2013. The local government is helping to support this years event so costs for hotel will be considerably cheaper, with all meals included at a 5 star resort hotel right on the Mediterranean in the resort town of Antalya.

The area is very beautiful, and safe, and the area caters to tourism. Airfare costs from Washington, DC last year were about $800 round trip, and hotel costs should be less than $50 per night, with three meals a day included. the food was great last year with all you can eat buffets, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. also, the hotel provided free drinks (non-alcoholic) to all team members in all of the bars in the resort. Three outdoor pools, one indoor pool, Turkish bath, steam and sauna, plus a about 50 different kinds of massages from professional sports massures in the spa. Lots of night life or beach life.

Benny “the Jet” Urquidez and Jeff Speakman will be giving speacial seminars and training sessions. The competition will be very good, with competitors from 35 or more countries from around the world.

The US Kempo Team is seeking between 50 and 100 fighters and traditional players ages 16-17, 18-35, 36 and over, male and female for the WKC, and ages 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, male and female for the World Cup partion of the event (for those under 16 years old).

There are 10 different wight classes in each of the 5 fighting categories. We are allowed 2 -3 fighters per weight class in each of the fighting categories, and age groups, so there are plenty of opportunities to fight and participate.

Please see the attached letter to give you a better understanding of the importance and value of this competition.

Thanks and please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime.

Please pass this along to others you feel may be interested.

Further info may be seen at


Rob Zingg
304-725-3639 – dojo
304-261-0160 – cell
Robert Zingg, 6th Dan, Shihan
Team Leader – United States Kempo Team
Zingg’s Karate Center
111 W 2nd Ave
Ranson, WV 25438 USA