Rakkasans seminar & Senior Board meeting – Aug 17, 2014

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Please see the message below from Randy Breadon regarding the upcoming seminar and Rakkasans board meeting at CODA Martial Arts on Sunday August 17th.

MAP: CODA Martial Arts: 11025 Gravois Industrial Ct, Sappington, MO 63128

>> The turn-off from Old Gravois Road is at the blue US Post Office mailbox. <<

CODA is in the back of “Gravois Industrial Plaza”


“After a greatly needed break for many of us we would like to invite all to an upcoming free seminar at CODA on Sunday August 17th from 1:30- 3:00 PM that will include self defense, knife defense, and multiple attackers.

We will also have a Rakkasans meeting immediately after (at 3:00 pm) that everyone is welcome to attend (especially the Senior Board Members). It will be a short meeting (30 minutes).

According to the board member’s response to our last email it seems that all agree to nominating the next generation of Rakkasans board members. It is a good next step in Rakkasans and in order to take that step quickly we hope the seminar and meeting will accomplish two things at once.

Our meeting will offer the opportunity to discuss Rakkasans, the board, how it operates, among other things. At that time the senior board members can discuss nominations for the additional board members.

I would suggest that only the senior board members make nominations, while taking into consideration, not only their experience, but also their teaching ability. And for clarification those board members referred to as ‘senior’ are 6th Dan and above. Nominees should rank 4th and 5th Dan.

Any black belts that are due for promotion to 4th Dan and above need to submit their thesis before this meeting to the Rakkasans board or to me and I will be glad to forward it to the board.

Hope to see you there. An RSVP might be helpful.

Randy Breadon”