Professor William Kwai Sun Chow videos

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Professor William K.S. Chow was Ed Parker & Sijo Emperado‘s teacher, for those of you new to Kenpo or Kajukenbo.

In spite of his heavy influence on the martial arts in the United States and his many notable students, Chow never had a dojo of his own, often teaching in the park and is thought to have lived in near poverty much of the time.

Professor Chow referred to his expression of the art and science of Kenpo as a “War Art” and focused largely on techniques that he felt worked in the streets.

Shortly before his death in 1987, Chow renamed his system “Kara-Ho Kempo”.

Kata demo from the 1960’s:

Speed demo by “Thunderbolt Chow” in 1982:

Videos originally from Professor John Bishop‘s site at

I merely converted the videos and posted them to YouTube so more people could easily find these pieces of history.