“On The Edge” talk radio show with GM Ted Sotelo

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Originally from the Kajukenbo Cafe

“On the Edge”

Join Kelly S. Worden and Kregg Jorgenson for a dynamic personal interview with Kajukenbo legend Grandmaster Ted Sotelo.  Ted Sotelo was fighting in the streets before and after he started martial arts training. He first learned submission wrestling from his father, who was a professional Catch-As-Catch-Can wrestler. Became a practitioner of the deadly art of Kajukenbo at an early age and from those foundational beginnings advanced his personal art into Western boxing and countless other systems before embracing the art of Doce pares Eskrima. Ted Sotelo’s Kajukenbo basis and street-tested life experiences have been modified and blended to create what Kajukenbo Fi Kuen is today.