New “official” Kajukenbo Family Tree

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Update 2013-Aug-27: The Tree is here!

Protection & Framing ideas include:

[1] OfficeMax in Crestwood, MO 

9901 Watson Rd #111 St Louis, MO 63126
(314) 821-8332   Cost: $31.50 + tax

This location has a 40″ laminate machine.  Lamination is not an exact science and there is a possibility of creases, etc. but this is the cheapest choice.  Lamination from OfficeMax in Crestwood, MO may take up to 24 hours and costs about $2.25 per square foot.  It is a ‘glossy’ laminate and no ‘frame’ is included.

[2] Bella Framing of Chesterfield, MO

130 Chesterfield Valley Dr, Chesterfield, MO 63005
(636) 733-2352  Cost: $200

Ask for Tammy & the special matte, textured laminate with the UV filter.  Mention my name.  I had a Tree framed for GM Alan Carter in this manner (which someone else took credit for) and I was surprised with how professional it looked.  Not using glass or Plexiglas makes it much lighter as well.  This includes an actual frame and looks very nice but obviously the price is much higher.  The same possibility that something could go wrong (resulting in a crease) applies.   Tammy asks for about 10 days for laminating & framing.

[3] Hobby Lobby in Kirkwood, MO

1215 S. Kirkwood Road, Kirkwood, MO 63122
314-821-1899    Cost: $179.50

A Plexiglass cover, backing board & a simple 1″ frame.  Takes about 2 weeks.


Thurs 2013 -Aug-22:  The official Kajukenbo Family Tree, maintained by Kajukenbo GM Philip Gelinas of GAMMA [Gelinas Academy of Mixed Martial Arts] should be shipping today.

The new Tree already has Tim Dunn, Steve Todd & John Glendening listed.

The poster itself is now 36″ x 56″ and costs $65 plus $15 shipping [from Montreal, Canada] for a total of $80.

If you are interested in ordering one, contact Philip.

Donna already bought one for the gym so it should be here next week.   Thanks Donna!