Kajukenbo school on “Save our Business”

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From the Kajukenbo Cafe:

“Just wanted to let everyone know that on March 7-8 2014 on TNT there will be a show done by SAVE OUR BUSINESS shown on TV station TNT about our school and Kajukenbo  with the take over of the school by my son SIGUN Robert Kingi. Hope you guys can watch it don’t know how it turned out but we told the history of Kajukenbo and talked about Sijo I just hope they didn’t cut to much out about that part.

Rick Kingi”

Save Our Business” appears to be a “Reality TV” show on TNT.

“Peter Jones is a titan of entrepreneurship who has created a worldwide empire with more than a hundred businesses, both large and small. In TNT’s Save Our Business, Jones travels across America on a mission — investing his time and expertise and putting his reputation on the line to save small businesses in trouble. Each week, Jones will assess the major problems facing a struggling company and design a plan to help save it from collapsing.

During the first season of Save Our Business, Jones will lend his expertise and tough-love guidance to an online retailer of “vintage inspired” woman’s clothing, an indoor kids theme park, a karate school, a combination florist/wine store and a New York City bagel deli.”

3/7/14  10:01 PM  on TNT  “Kingi’s Kajukenbo”
After 30 years in the business, a father hands the management of his karate school to his son; Robert enlists Peter Jones’ help with transforming his father’s business.

There appears to be several repeats through March 8th.