I told you it wasn’t true

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From the “Kajukenbo Cafe

“Uncle Frank never trained with a Sekeino. Actually, he says he never heard of it. Over the years, as Kajukenbo history has been written, things have been made to fit and embellished, so it makes sense, similar to the use of Chinese titles to fit our Japanese Dan ranking system.

What did occur was Peter Choo and Uncle Frank were on the army boxing team together trained by Thomas Toyama, who incidentally was supposed to be the 6th Founder of Kajukenbo but declined because of his committment to the boxing commission. During the week they trained with Sam Luke who was an Okazaki Blackbelt in Danzan Ryu. Joe Holck was a Blackbelt there. They also trained with Thomas Young (Mitose first Blackbelt) during the week in Kenpo. So being a few young guys in their early 20’s who wanted to develop their own style/blend, as Okazaki did with Danzan Ryu, without the formalities and traditional hierarchies of the day of rank, titles, terms, protocols, etc., they started training together in the abandoned barracks across the street from Uncle Frank’s apartment in Halawa Housing. Uncle Frank invited Sijo to come as Peter Choo invited George Chang. Collectively they put their skills together. Joe Holck came up with the blended name Kajukenbo (in about 1958) as his teacher Okazaki did with Danzan Ryu, which blended Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian, and Philipino systems. So, there is no Seikeino whateva in Kajukenbo. I can only surmise, that with the renewed popularity of Jujitsu, people are looking for a link to attribute theirs to. All the Jujitsu we do in Kajukenbo (Originally) came from Danzan Ryu.

“This might seem to be too casual and very disrespectful now, but few organized schools existed in those days so a lot of training occurred casually and the dojo was where you were training and not necessarily a building with mats etc. Formal classes require formal recognition etc. Just that can be a mine field for those who would try to traverse it. For example, when Professor Okazaki (first headmaster of Kodenkan Danzan Ryu, Uncle Frank’s school of record) started to teach non Japanese, his brother severed all ties to him”.

This is still true today, as Hawaii is the home of the backyard, garage, park, rec center, etc training place, mainly because the rent is so high to throw a shingle up some where. Also interesting is that Okazaki was interned for having a Japanese flag up in his dojo, although he taught non Japanese, being WWII era and all.”

— GM Jason Groff, Uncle Frank Ordonez’ chosen successor, 2013-June-17

There very well maybe a Sekino Jujitsu that exists somewhere, just was not part of Uncle Frank’s training, according to him.”  — GM Jason Groff, 2013-June-20