How to Use Fakes and Deception | DACASCOS TACTICAL SYSTEMS

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From the Publishers of the Professional Action Library:

DACASCOS TACTICAL SYSTEMS | Turning Martial Arts Theory into Self-Defense Reality | with Sifu Al Dacascos

Founder of the brutal Wun Hop Kuen Do style of Kajukenbo, Sifu Al Dacascos is no stranger to real-world violence, and in this video, he teaches you how to bridge the gap between dojo-based martial arts and gutter-based self-defense. Basing his techniques on what works on the street and only on what works on the street, he shows functional, vicious attacks and counterattacks to keep your opponent in pain, off-balance and wishing he’d picked on somebody else. In Volume One: Introductory Concepts, you will learn the basics of range, attack angles and how to target your attacker’s weak spots.

Dacascos then turns up the heat in Volume Two: Fundamental Techniques, teaching hard-hitting attack and defense drills, feints and deceptions, hand trapping and more. Wrapping it up with Volume Three: Real-World Applications, he shows you defenses and counterattacks against many common street assaults, including dealing with multiple opponents. Fighting is a nasty business: learn from his decades of experience rather than the risk of trial and error.