The effects of an “electronic media epidemic” and a possible solution

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Research implies that on average, 730 minutes per day (12 hours & 10 minutes daily) are spent by kids with electronic media like TV/movies, music/audio, video games & computers (including music, texting & games on smartphones).

That comes to roughly 4,428 hours of electronic media use per year.  In the United States, the average number of hours of school instruction per year is 997.

1,456 hours per year are spent by the average child just watching TV, which is like spending the waking hours of 91 days watching TV

It has been observed for years that kids now spend far less time outside or doing physical activities than they do inside playing video games, watching TV and the like.

In our system of Kajukenbo, it only takes an average of 800 hours of “exercise” to get a 1st degree Black belt.

Maybe parents should think about these things considering the growing trend of obesity in this country – in both children and adults.

Some other tips-

Allow your kids only 1 or 2 hours of “quality” TV or videos per day
Children under the age of 2 should not watch TV – stop using the television as a babysitter.
Do not allow a TV in your child’s room
Do not allow your child to be in sight of a TV while doing homework