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I’ve mentioned a few times that my (and my brother’s) TKD training is primarily the “Chang Moo Kwan” style, as opposed to the more common, sport-oriented “Moo Duk Kwan”.

Our primary instructor, Vince Stovall trained in Chang Moo Kwan while he was stationed in Korea.

If you are studying your Kajukenbo history enough that you know the Japanese & Chinese words for “Fist Law” or “Fist Method” then something VERY important should stand out here:
For the record, if you do NOT know the Japanese & Chinese words in question then I am truly disappointed in you.
Just memorize it right away and let me go on thinking that you care about your training enough to read parts of the manual now and then.

Anyway, since some estimates say Moo Duk Kwan makes up about 75% of “Tae Kwon Do” schools, it is rare to see, or even hear of Chang Moo Kwan.

Just now, had a goofy Korean martial arts movie (‘Dachimawa Lee’) on for background noise while I am working.
The next thing you know, a lot of movement caught my attention:  a fight scene, at about 19 minutes in.


Watch it if you get the chance and we can discuss in class.