Communities Against Terrorism: Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities Related to Martial Arts and Paintball Activities

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If you cannot tell who the bad guys are -and you try to teach viable personal protection skills as a martial arts or self defense instructor- then you should just stop teaching and training.  This was from a while back but I still cannot believe how asinine it is.  If you cannot recognize ‘suspicious behavior’ as a martial artist then you need to either stay home or train somewhere else.

Several posters from the Joint Regional *Intelligence* Center (JRIC): FBI “Communities Against Terrorism” Suspicious Activity Reporting Flyers

Actual ‘martial arts’ poster is here:

Some tips to make sure you are not training bad guys, thanks to the flyer – and some observations from me…

* Interest in learning offensive moves in a confined space
– If you MUST use offensive moves then you will always have plenty of room to maneuver.  You may have room and time to escape as well, so run away.  Your foes will not follow you and the danger will pass.

* Interest in learning the use of hidden weapons
– Walking down the street carrying a sword is legal now.  No need for a CCW.  Carrying machetes and 2-foot pieces of rattan is OK too.

* Interest in learning kill and restraint techniques with no occupational need
– If your “occupation” has nothing to do with protecting yourself or others then there is no need to train in martial arts or self defense.  Fortunately, your life will never be threatened because that is not your occupation.

* Individuals who together are interested in learning group tactics
– Understanding things like multi-man attacks, stacking and team control & restraint techniques are a thing of the past.  Take that stuff out of your programs or the ter’rists win!

* Incorporating close combat or hand-to-hand fighting into training
– Start all training by backing up outside of kicking range or simply turn your back on the threat and run away.  There will probably be space and time to do this, as mentioned previously.

* Creating scenarios that incorporate law enforcement
– To be safe, LEOs should no longer be welcome in martial arts schools or Defensive Tactics classes.  Of course, since it is their “occupation” (see above) we sort of have a Catch-22 if LEOs *want* to train.
If you DO allow LEOs in your classes then under no circumstances should you consider their specific needs and perils when they train.  If the implication here is that the student wants to learn how do harm to or otherwise neutralize LEOs in the line of duty then simply beat the stuffing out of them and call the local PD or FBI.   Duh.

* Operating a private facility that’s not available or advertised to the public
– Immediately stop teaching in places like parks, garages, basements, beaches or anywhere that does not have a store front and a listing in the yellow pages.