Belt Testing on Saturday August 10th 2013 at CODA & dinner that evening

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Test Location: Updated on June 24, 2013 @ 22:00

Gina says it is all arranged and we will be at CODA again this year.

The test will be on Saturday August 10th 2013

07:00 to 15:00, with a break for lunch.  Yes, we are starting early.

CODA Martial Arts: 11025 Gravois Industrial Ct, Sappington, MO 63128

For those of you who do not know, CODA is less than 5 miles from our gym.

Dinner reservations: August 10th @ 18:30

10550 Baptist Church Rd
Sappington, MO  63128
(314) 842-8889

Click here for directions to Shogun restaurant

Please RSVP with me -including total number of guests- ASAP so I have enough seats.


Coach Rocky Streb’s boss never called me back with final approval so CBC appeared to be out anyway.

I will be making dinner reservations tomorrow.  Keep checking here for updates.

Updated: June 8, 2013 @ 13:00

To prevent friction between Gina & the ninjitsu class at CODA, we will probably be at CBC High School (courtesy of Coach Rocky Streb) from 09:00 onward.

The location is near the intersection of  I-40 & I-270.

CBC (Christian Brothers College) High School
1850 De La Salle Drive Saint Louis, Missouri 63141

Click here for a map to CBC (no longer needed since test is not here!)

Updated: May 24, 2013 @ 19:09

It looks like we may be at CODA Martial Arts for the test this year, thanks to the consideration of Sensei Joe Lutes & his most experienced student (“Sempai”) J.C. Natalie.

Barring that, we may be at CBC High School, courtesy of Coach Rocky Streb.

I am awaiting final confirmation.  — Dave

May 20, 2013 @ 17:08 –

The details are still being worked out but we will probably be having the next belt test on Saturday August 10th at 07:00 and we will go to about 15:00.

This includes all belts, but it will specifically be Tim, Steve & John’s Black belt test.

We will follow with dinner afterwards, probably at Shogun since everyone seemed to enjoy that last year but the Black belt candidates get a say in where it is.

If everyone would rather have dinner somewhere else then let me know.

I will keep this page current with any details.