Battlefield Las Vegas 2014 – Sijo’s Ikaika Challenge and World Championships

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SIJO’S CHALLENGE~ (from the Kajukenbo Cafe)

Sijo’s vision was to encourage and develop a martial art that was effective and ever evolving and he accomplished just that….Kajukenbo.

Sijo’s desire was to spread Kajukenbo across the world and have it continuously grow and live FOREVA! He did just that, and we carry his desire on.

Sijo’s challenge was to bring Kajukenbo together, to gather united to support each other’s organization, lineage, schools, and individual students. This challenge is now left to us, those who practice the art and honor Sijo.

The seed of Kajukenbo was planted and nurtured by Sijo many years ago, it’s time we move towards his dream unfinished…….

Under the guidance of SGM DeChi Emperado the Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute World Wide calls upon all Kajukenbo warriors throughout the world, all nations, organizations, lineages, and schools to “Battlefield Las Vegas 2014–Sijo’s Ikaika Challenge and WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!” Spread the word worldwide for the Kajukenbo event of a lifetime.

“……….We all share a common destiny. We can master it only if we face it together”
~Kofi Annan

PLACE: Riviera Hotel and Casino
DATE: 11-12 July 2014

You may visit the Facebook event page for further details