CANCELLED: 2014 Rakkasans Hall of Fame Banquet

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“From: Gina Breadon <g…>

Date: Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 12:55 AM
Subject: Fw: RAkkasans Hall of Fame Banquet cancellation for 2014

AS  you may know Rakkasans has been hosting our Martial Arts Hall of Fame Awards Banquet each year for over a decade now. We want to thank everyone for their continued support and faith in our mission, to recognize and honor others from all styles who have become pillars in our martial arts community. Rakkasans has always done this as a not-for-profit organization with many of its own members and organizers contributing financially themselves to ensure its success.

Although the past Hall of Fame Awards have been very rewarding and successful, many of our members and our banquet administrators have recently had to contend with the stressful economic downturn, greater employment responsibilities, and health issues, particularly in 2013 and into 2014. We know that these situations, among others, contributed to our low attendence last year.

Therefore, the Rakassans board has decided that it is time for a reprieve and have cancelled the 2014 banquet. Instead, our focus and energies will be put into the 2015 banquet allowing us time to locate a new venue and vamp up our program.

We welcome nominations for 2015 and encourage our up and coming Rakkasans to step forward and get involved by offering their skills (especially in computer and video) to make the 2015 Hall of Fame the best it can be.

We have already begun planning and we are actively soliciting nominations for 2015.

Again, we sincerely appreciate everyone’s support. Have a healthy and prosperous 2014!
We will see you in 2015. Please pass this information on to your students and friends.

Rakkasans Board of Directors.”


The date is Saturday April 12, 2014 at   6:30 pm – 10:30 pm approximately.  Same location as last year.

Wyman Directions <PDF>

Wyman Map <PDF>

Location: Wyman Center, 600 Kiwanis Drive, Eureka, MO 63025   This is the Kling Building at the front of Wyman property.  It is NOT on the PDF map.

Meal cost: $25.00 per person (Credit cards, cash or checks are acceptable. Make checks payable to CODA/Rakkasans, PO box 292, Pacific, MO 63069)

Note: Consider carpooling if necessary to save gas and on parking.  Parking space is somewhat limited.

Reservations and payment can be made immediately, you do not need to wait for invitations, and the names of your parties will be placed on the attendance list
Attire is: Business (coat and tie for men), cocktail dresses or suits for women.

Guests are welcome.  RSVP’s can be sent to Gina Breadon.
Listen for a phone call from a Rakkasans representative reminding past attendees about the banquet

Instructors, please forward this invitation to all your students and friends who love martial arts.

Nominations for Hall of Fame Honors can be sent to Gina or to Charlie Parson as well as to you sponsor at your school.
Candidates must meet the following criteria: outstanding integrity, community service and involvement, propagating the arts through consistent training or through a recognized school. We must have their name address current phone number & current address. Include the length of time they have been training and their instructor’s name who will be sponsoring them. They must also provide a bio about their martial arts journey so that we can announce them properly when present awards.

Nominees must not have any criminal records or felonies.
Must have 30 or more to be eligible for Hall of Fame. Other that support or are the right hand man of a schools owner is an excellent candidate for the Honorable Mention.
We also announce new black belts so give us a list of most recent black belts since last year.
Please remember to send this email out to students and friends right away. don’t wait for invitations this year.
Honorable Mention are also give awards

Keep Gina posted quickly and efficiently if you have nominees.   Emails are always appreciated too.