• Our sympathies to the victims of the Boston Marathon explosions

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    We at CQB Kajukenbo Club wish to express our sympathies for victims of yesterday’s tragedy.

    The devices were apparently IEDs based on pressure cookers -not detonating high explosives- with added nails, BBs and the like as shrapnel.

    While I question the generic use of the word “terrorism” without any current evidence and before anyone has claimed responsibility, we all look forward to the quick apprehension of the culprit(s).

    May the surviving victims this grievous and cowardly attack and the families who lost loved ones find peace and closure soon.

  • You can find anything on eBay – even stuff I didn’t know I lost

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    I found this on eBay today.  

    I really like that emblem in the top center…

    I do not recall approving use of the logo for eBay deployment and I sure did not get Attribution or credit!

    The chinese on the left (for chu’an-fa / kempo) looks pretty sloppy too.



  • Pictures updated

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    Some new pictures and images are online.   I will be adding more in the coming weeks.

    I’ve also cleaned up the requirements a bit.  This will mostly be an ongoing process of fixing typos and various grammatical issues.

  • 2013 Rakkasans Hall of Fame Banquet

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    Wyman Directions <PDF>

    Wyman Map <PDF>

    Online RSVP <http://hofawards.eventbrite.com/>

    From: Gina Breadon
    Subject: Hall of Fame Banquet
    Date: Friday, March 1, 2013, 11:48 PM


    It is that time again already. The Hall of Fame Banquet is upon us. Our patriarchs are getting older and need to be recognized for their contribution to the up and coming generation. Send us the names of those you would like honored for their dedication and art in front of their peers.

    The date is Saturday April 13, 2013.
    Location: Wyman Center, 600 Kiwanis Drive, Eureka, MO 63025 (In the new Kling Building at the Front of Wyman Property)

    Time: 6:30 – 10:30 approximately.

    Meal cost: $25.00 per person (Credit cards, cash or checks are acceptable. Make checks payable to CODA/Rakkasans, PO box 292, Pacific, MO 63069)

    note: Consider carpooling if necessary to save gas and on parking.

    Reservations and payment can be made immediately, you do not need to wait for invitations, and the names of your parties will be placed on the
    attendance list
    Attire is: Business (coat and tie for men), cocktail dresses or suits for women.

    Guests are welcome.
    RSVP’s can be sent with a return email to me at this address or at my new Wyman address at …
    They can also be sent to Charlie Parson whose school handled much of the banquet last year for us.

    Listen for a phone call from a Rakkasans representative reminding past attendees about the banquet

    Instructors, please forward this invitation to all your students and friends who love martial arts.

    Nominations for Hall of Fame Honors can be sent to myself or to charlie Parson as well as to you sponsor at your school.
    Candidates must meet the following criteria: outstanding integrity, community service and involvement, propagating the arts through consistent training or through a recognized school.We must have their name address current phone number, current address, Length of time they have been training and their sensei’s name who will be sponsoring them. They must also provide a bulleted bio about their martial arts journey so
    that we can announce them properly when present awards.

    Nominees must not have any criminal records or felonies
    Must have 30 or more to be eligible for Hall of Fame. Other that support or are the right hand man of a schools owner is an excellent candidate for the Honorable Mention.
    We also announce new black belts so give us a list of most recent black belts since last year.
    Please remember to send this email out to students and friends right away. don’t wait for invitations this year.
    Honorable Mention are also give awards

    Keep us posted quickly and efficiently if you have nominees.

    Emails are always appreciated too.

    Thanks and keep this on the calendar for more details.

    Gina Breadnon
    CODA Jujitsu and Rakkasans

  • ‘Dachimawa Lee’ on Netflix Watch Instantly

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    I’ve mentioned a few times that my (and my brother’s) TKD training is primarily the “Chang Moo Kwan” style, as opposed to the more common, sport-oriented “Moo Duk Kwan”.

    Our primary instructor, Vince Stovall trained in Chang Moo Kwan while he was stationed in Korea.

    If you are studying your Kajukenbo history enough that you know the Japanese & Chinese words for “Fist Law” or “Fist Method” then something VERY important should stand out here:
    For the record, if you do NOT know the Japanese & Chinese words in question then I am truly disappointed in you.
    Just memorize it right away and let me go on thinking that you care about your training enough to read parts of the manual now and then.

    Anyway, since some estimates say Moo Duk Kwan makes up about 75% of “Tae Kwon Do” schools, it is rare to see, or even hear of Chang Moo Kwan.

    Just now, had a goofy Korean martial arts movie (‘Dachimawa Lee’) on for background noise while I am working.
    The next thing you know, a lot of movement caught my attention:  a fight scene, at about 19 minutes in.


    Watch it if you get the chance and we can discuss in class.


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    Saturday March 3, 2012
    9 AM to 3 PM Lunch Not Provided

    Pressure Point Fighting principles and concepts. Practical Self-Defense within your kata.

    Hazelwood Baptist Church
    6161 Howdershell Rd.
    Hazelwood, Mo. 63042

    The seminar is open for beginning students to black belt instructors.
    Special classes for Brown and Black Belts

    This was the Dillman-based seminar that Steve, Tim, myself and Eli attended back in the day.

    The source of one of the stories.  Saved here for posterity.

    Martial Arts Seminar FLYER 120303

  • GM Jason Ohio visit part 2

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    Second set of pictures from GM Jason’s first visit

    October 14 to 16 2011

    Posted by Lee Hines on Wednesday, October 19, 2011

  • GM Jason’s first Ohio seminar

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    The historic first visit of GM Jason Groff from his “Island Kingdom”

    Marked the beginning of the annual Gathering in Ohio.

    October 14 to October 16 2011









    First set of pictures (there atre 2 picture links on Professor Lee’s Facebook page):


    Posted by Lee Hines on Wednesday, October 19, 2011



  • John Glendening wins K-1 kickboxing at October 8, 2011 Nemesis event

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    John Glendening defeated Terry Gazaway to take the K-1 title.
    John in the blue headgear wins with a second round TKO at the Nemesis Fighting Alliance’s “Fight to Work” event.
    Saturday October 8, 2011 at the Teamster’s Union Hall Local 6, St. Louis, MO




  • William J. Kiely Sr. Obituary

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    William J. Kiely Sr.

    Kiely, William J., Sr. Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011. Beloved husband of Martha Kiely (nee Fields); dear father of William J., Jr., Sean and Timothy (Becky); dear grandfather of Kristin, Sean, Amy, Bryan, Shannon, Caleb and Danielle; great-grandfather of Landon, Brandon, Rosemary, Jenna, Mckenzie and Chloe. Last remaining founder of Rakkasan Judo Club. William joined the Army at 16 yrs. old and later enlisted in the Marine Corps. He was a recipient of the Bronze Star for valor during the Korean War. Services: Memorial Visitation at HUTCHENS Mortuary, 675 Graham Rd., Thurs., Feb. 17 4-8 p.m. Private Interment to follow at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorials to the VFW. Online guestbook at www.hutchensmortuary.com
    — See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/stltoday/obituary.aspx?page=lifestory&pid=148655760

    Published in St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Feb. 16, 2011


    Bill Kiely was a funny guy.  All of us who got to train with him will miss him.  I still have my original Rakkasans membership card that he signed.


    Senesi William “Bill” Kiely received the USMAA “Golden Life Award” in 2000.